Drop of your clothes and blankets at CORDEV today.

Only those who know the icy chill of chemo running through one’s veins, will truly understand what it means to someone with cancer, to have warm, soft blankets and clothing, especially during the icy months of Winter. Children who fight Cancer in South Africa, often goes without these two basic necessities. Especially in low and middle-income groups, where one parent had to leave their employment as they now have a child who needs care around the clock.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is determined to make a difference once again, wrapping up Little Fighters around the country, in warm clothing and fluffy blankets. This is through their “Get Wrapped” and “Snug as a Bug” Campaigns, which are both actively running from 20 April until 22 May, 2015.

The 2014 “Get Wrapped” Project saw over 2 000 new blankets delivered to children in Paediatric Oncology Hospital Wards across South Africa, wards in Places of Safety which houses Children with Cancer was gifted blankets for every child, mothers and fathers who spend months on end next to their Fighting child’s bedside got some welcome warmth as well as the most needy of the over 100 individual Childhood Cancer affected Families, who are continuously assisted by this small, but very active, Childhood cancer charity.

Snug as a Bug” is another LFCT Project, born from working on ground level within Paediatric Oncology Hospital Wards. Says Mandie Erasmus, the LFCT’s Project Manager, “In 2013’s winter, we met a Little Fighter, a boy of around six years, in a hospital ward. Having thought him to be a girl, as he was wearing a pair of too small pink corduroy pants, as he literally had no clothes of his own, we decided right there and then, that this is an issue we have to address on a National scale. Without funds to launch such a huge project, we started “Snug as a Bug”, which encourages the public and corporate communities to donate new, warm clothing for all age groups”.

Warm blankets and warm clothing is needed currently for many little Cancer Fighters across South Africa. The Little Fighters Cancer Trust will handle the distribution directly into each child’s hands, with the help of a group of volunteers, many of whom are mothers of children who are either now in remission or have lost their Fight.

“Many parents and grandparents struggle in rain and cold to get their Little Fighter to hospital for treatment, using public transport. We know that warm blankets and decent Winter clothing, makes a difference in the hospitals, but most certainly out of hospital as well”, says Erasmus, adding that one family with four children, had only two blankets between them, when they came across LFCT’s path. “The general public is not aware of the impact the diagnosis of a Child with Cancer has on the entire Family, which is why we provide for the parents and siblings as well.”

The public and corporate donors are asked to open their warm hearts and donate new children’s clothing for all ages between baby and 18 years, as well as new, soft, single bed blankets. Children with Cancer have virtually no immune systems, which makes them prone to infections, which could be life-threatening. This is why only donations of NEW goods are asked.  “This makes it more difficult for us to get donations, but there is just no way we can deliver second-hand goods to a Child with Cancer, as we cannot and will not, take any chances with possible infections.”

The blankets and clothing is sorted to be age and sex appropriate, and delivered directly into the hands of the Child with Cancer or his/her parents. Deliveries will start taking place in the last week of May, and all 14 Paediatric Oncology Hospital Wards country wide, about 100 individual Childhood Cancer Families and the Places of Safety which houses Children with Cancer, would have received their deliveries before June 15h….just before LFCT’s Mandela Day Projects.

The Cordev Showroom in Fourways is one of the drop of points for the "Get Wrapped" & "Snug as a Bug Campaigns" so bring your blankest and clothing through.

Alternativley LFCT has drop-off points all over South Africa, and to be put in contact with your closest drop-off point, please contact Mandie Erasmus on or on 021 863 0249/ 073 729 6155. 

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