Why it’s important to go "green"

Why it’s important to go

Why it’s important to go "green"

It is now more important than ever to consider sustainability..

Why it’s important to go “green”.


It is now more important than ever to consider sustainability in day-to-day business and to offer sustainable products.

Variety plays just as important a role as the quality and origin of the materials.

With more than 200 different kitchen fronts, one thing is particularly important to us: the fact that they are "green" – no matter what colour and finish you decide on.

As a future-orientated company group we take our responsibility towards the environment and society very seriously.

Our contribution is our endeavour, with each step we take, to pave the way for future generations – ecologically and economically.

Bauformat HQ, based in Germany, is a permanent fixture in the kitchen market because they surpass themselves on a daily basis.

They have the latest trends in fresh designs and the most innovative technology in premium materials. Functional, but it has to be handle less; modern, but timeless. Their demands grow with the demands of their customers and on a daily basis.

As family corporate, Bauformat and Burger Kitchens group have manufactured high-quality kitchen furniture, employing more than 750 people and manufacturing up to 500 kitchens per a day.

Doing this scale of production in such a short space of time, you would think that sustainability is not top of mind. But you’d be wrong.

It remains at the forefront of everything we do, not only to ensure good quality but also to ensure the longevity of our natural products.

All Bauformat and Burger kitchens are also tested in what is called The Golden M test.

The furniture passes a whole life span in one quick motion and is subjected to hits, kicks, heat, humidity, light.

Thereafter the furniture must still look correct and be functional – and it is not allowed to contain harmful substances

The quality-testing includes:


  • Requirements in connection with human health and environment protection

  • Choice of materials / surfaces / static/dynamic limits / permanent behaviour / processing

  • Legal requirements (e.g. Hazardous Substance Decree - Chemical Prohibition Decree)


Our promise to deliver quality, German-made, green kitchens to South Africa is not one we take lightly.

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